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HCWE supports the institutional investment community in formulating investment strategies through intelligent use of market data and superior understanding of how markets have behaved over time. Markets forecast Markets!

With many decades in the business of capital-market analysis and reporting, HCWE remains one of the most dependable resources for innovative research designed specifically for the institutional investor.

We distribute our research findings in a variety of periodic reports with telephone and video conferences and occasional on-site briefings.

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Market-Driven Tools for Asset Allocation  Economic and Investment Observations
Inflation's comeback - 04/30/2024
Inflation is not the mystery that so many people think. Empirically, the prices of two commodities, gold and oil, can easily explain and anticipate its ups and downs.
Market-Driven Tools for Asset Allocation  Economy Watch
Inflation is mostly a simple tale of two commodities - 04/30/2024
The prices of just two pivotal commodities suffice to explain the inflation rate nearly completely. And the interpretation is just as straightforward.
Market-Driven Tools for Asset Allocation  Fixed-Income Barometer
"Market forecasts" for the coming twelve months as of 05/17/2024
Market-Driven Tools for Asset Allocation  Economic Barometer
"Market forecasts" for the coming twelve months as of 04/30/2024
Market-Driven Tools for Asset Allocation  Sector Watch
"Market forecasts" for the coming twelve months as of 05/15/2024
Market-Driven Tools for Asset Allocation  Synopsis
Briefing Points on the Economic and Market Outlook - 04/30/2024
The onset and abatement of geopolitical risk has been a major factor in the behavior of capital markets and the economy in the past two years. In the third quarter, capital-market anxiety diminished, allowing the price of crude oil to rise from $71.65 at the end of December to 83.71 at the end of March. This is bearish for next year's stock market, but this year's market is still responding favorably to the fall in energy prices last year. The rising price of oil fully explains why.

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