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About New Release Emails

Are you getting our publication release emails?

As a valued HCWE subscriber we want to help ensure you receive the new release email notices we regularly send you. These mailings contain direct links to HCWE’s just released publications. Many of our subscribers use these links exclusively to access HCWE publications while others access new releases from the ARCHIVES page on our website by logging-in with their assigned username and password. (Note: If you don’t currently have a username and password we will gladly assign one to you. To obtain them, make a request using this CONTACT FORM or call us at +1 (978) 468-4575.) Whichever way you choose to access your subscribed publications we want to ensure the process is convenient, timely and secure.

Occasionally, we get “bounce-backs” from some of our subscriber’s email addresses. This tells us that our email to you has been rejected by the email software on your device or by your email service provider. Making sure we have your correct email address and by taking the following steps you can ensure that you won’t miss getting the latest HCWE publication release emails.

Steps you can take to ensure our emails are received

  1. Contact HCWE using this CONTACT FORM or call us at +1 (978) 468-4575. Make sure we have your correct email address where you want the publication notices sent.
  2. Check your Junk and Spam folders. If our messages are in there, move them back to your inbox and mark them ‘not junk’ or ‘not spam.’
  3. Make sure our sender account at is in your address books, both personal and collected, and that these types of senders are accepted by default (not marked junk).
  4. If you have done all of the above and are still unsure about emails being blocked, you may be able to check your mail host’s inbound message rules to make sure that is on your account’s 'safe-senders’ list and is not blocked. (This may require access to your email host’s online account control panel, your third-party email security provider’s dashboard or to an IT resource within your organization.

More About HCWE Publication Release Mailings

HCWE employs state-of-the-art security measures throughout. Emails to our subscribers are formatted and sent according to accepted internet direct messaging standards. They are not unsolicited nor do they contain elements that would brand them as malware, spam, phishing or even marketing messages. Recipients can unsubscribe at any time by following the links embedded in the release emails. If you believe that your organization’s email host or third-party spam filtering services may be blocking legitimate email sent to you, we suggest you discuss this possibility with them. HCWE has no control over third-party or in-house services or their permission settings. Our mailings should not be blocked by any legitimate industry standard spam filtering service or blacklisting agent.