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Markets Forecasting Markets

Our market driven tools produce forecasts that are directionally correct 75 percent of the time. That’s a record that’s hard to beat. Our monthly reports and advisory services provide up-to-the-minute insights into asset allocation management and investment strategy. Start taking advantage of HCWE's insights today. We can help you sort through the noise. Contact us at: 978-468-4575.

Investment and asset allocation managers world wide choose HCWE. Here's why:

HCWE has supported institutional investors and plan sponsors in developing both tactical and strategic asset-allocation strategies for nearly three decades.

HCWE is not a money manager, investment banker, broker or investment management consultant. We are an independent boutique dedicated exclusively to supplying the professional investment community and individuals interested in personal wealth management with rigorous top-down research.

HCWE mission is to identify the most effective and robust leading indicators of economic and financial performance. We employ empirical analysis to identify market factors that systematically move before others with enough lead time to allow portfolio managers to anticipate rather than just respond to movements in the major financial markets. We use what actually works and do not necessarily accept the doctrines that many economists preach.

HCWE provides comprehensive quantitative analysis of
predictive relationships in:

  • Asset allocation
  • Fixed income and equity performance
  • Industry rotation
  • The economy
  • International markets

HCWE research output is unique in the industry. Our simple philosophy is that the only data that is reliable is that produced by the markets themselves. While at times counter intuitive, the evidence is strong that history tends to repeat. These two simple principles form the bedrock of our approach. Using Markets to Forecast Markets, embodies our comprehensive research strategy.

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HCWE insight will revolutionize the way you approach investment strategy decisions. Contact us for more: US 978-468-4575.